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Instructions for gifting from an Apple device or a computer

GOGs made a name for itself as a competitor for Steam and carries many of the same games, but the advantage of gifting from GOG is that the games come DRMfree, so your giftee doesnt have to have anything to do with the site after downloading if they dont want to. Just click Gift this order on checkout. Plus, its running itsWinter Sale through December .

There are a few catches, of course. Youll need to in your ZIP code hereto see if youre inside a SameDay Delivery zone, and you may need to pay an additional fee if you arent an Amazon Prime member, or if your order is under . Sameday orders also generally need to be placed before noon.

GiveAmazon musicOn the for the song or Album,click More options, then Give Album or Song as Gift.

So weve put together this guide of lastminute gift ideas and sources that offer less than twoday delivery windows or electronic delivery, to help stave off procrastinators panic.

If you qualify, though, you can simply browse Amazon for items with the Prime Free SameDay Delivery logo, shop mor use the Prime Now app for iOS or Android to rapidly fill the holes in your shopping list. And if youre not a Prime member, theres always the day free trial.

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WhilePayPal Digital Giftsis mostly a oneclick stop for buying physical gift cards, you can gift credit codes for some places as well among them areSteam Digital Walletcredits,Nintendo eShop Digital CardsApple App Store and iTunesorApple Music, MicrosoftXboxandGoogle Play. It does require a PayPal account.

You can send egift cards from big retailers like Amazon, Target and Walmart, movie theaters like AMC and Regal, restaurants like Red Robin and The Cheesecake Factory, and a ir number of clothing shops and electronics stores Apple, Best Buy, Newegg, too.

Or maybe what you really want to give your giftee is a nice day out.GrouponandLivingSocialwhich are now one company but separate services specialize in offering discounted group rates on spa treatments, event tickets, cardetailing sessions, hanggliding and skiing lessons, and all sorts of other rare opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Be sure to read the fine print regarding expiration dates and terms, though, and youll have to create an account or sign in with Facebook.

Gift cards might be the most reliable way to give a lastminute holiday gift, but believe it or not Amazon might still be able to ship physical presents to your door. The company offers free sameday or twohour delivery in most major metropolitan areas in the United States, and its Prime Now hour delivery service is available in over US metropolitan areas. The latter has an fee.

If youre not sure which game to buy, there are also egift cards for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo systems so they can choose for themselves.

Indecisive, illiquid or just idlers, were the late shoppers Were not the sheeple who popped in time,as the song goes who suddenly have to worry about the possibility that gifts for the middle or the end of December might not arrive until .

These have popped up all over, and while most of them serve a limited selection of regions, if youre desperate, it never hurts to do a search for sameday delivery and the name of your city. In New York City, for instance,urbanfetchis still around and offers various gift options, including gourmet food and kids games and toys, andCatbirddelivers designer jewelry, beauty and home products.

You just need to go to the deal you want and click Buy as gift under the Buy! button.

On mobile, you find the item you want in the app and then pull up the share sheet theres an option for Gift. In the desktop apps, you use the dropdown menu on the Buy Book button and select the Gift this book option.

Amazon can also help you gift music and ebooks via email. Just note that, for whatever reason, MP deliveries full albums or single songs cannot be scheduled for specific dates in the future, whereas ebook deliveriescanbe scheduled.

You can turn any Steam game purchase into a gift from within your cart. If your giftee already uses Steam, youll be able to see if they already own a game or if its on their wish list. If not, you can send it to their email address.

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These are largerscale partnerships between retailers and companies with extensive distribution networks. For instance,Google Expressoffers sameday delivery on selected products from stores such as Target, Adorama, Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us and more. Deliv is smaller but still serves regions, and if youre stuck you can shop backward look at the list ofparticipating retailersand see if theres something worth buying from them. Most noly, Deliv is the service used by Best Buy, Crate and Barrel, Kohls, Macys and other big names. Walmart now joins the sameday delivery club via its Jet subsidiary.

This local service can deliver gifts within an average of minutes, as long as you choose from its Holiday Gift Collection or Drinks Collection and the recipient lives within one ofthe urban areas it servesto see those collections, click on the locale from the home screen; in return, if youre a Postmates customer, youll earn months ofPostmates Unlimited. Of course, you can also order from your phone iOSAndroid as well.

When NASA meets scifi, space adventures get real

may get a commission from retail offers.

best food delivery apps and how to choose among them

Keep in mind that there may be exceptions for sameday delivery availability depending upon the volume they have to deal with or item availability. And if youre hoping for Christmas Eve delivery, some retailers wont even be taking orders; for instance, camera biggie BH closes early on Fridays and doesnt reopen until Saturday evening, and you cant even make online purchases during those hours.

The best lastminute gift might not be the one that arrives on the last day of Hanukkah, Christmas morning or right after theFestivus airing of grievances but again and again throughout the year. Thats what youll be giving if you gift a subscription box this holiday season.

That leaning tower of gift cards at the local chain drug store just became your best bud. Theres a gift card for everything you can imagine these days, and chances are theres one open that you can run into at the th hour and find a card for everyone on your list.

As with Amazon, you can give specific items like a digital book or album via the iBooks or iTunes app on mobile or desktop; unfortunately, theres no web intece for people who want to do it once and never again.

But do your giftee a vor and check the terms of the cards you give some of them charge fees or expire if its not used within a given period of time, for example.Heres some excellent giftcard buying advice from WalletHub.

Steam supports scheduling gift deliveries, and itsWinter Saleis now on through January , at p.m. ET.

Just be aware that not all electronic gift cards can be set to arrive at a specific time. Youll want to check and see whether you can schedule delivery, or whether your gift will immediately arrive in your recipients inbox.

Subscription boxes work like this Every month, a box arrives with some thematic goodies inside, such asboxes for book loversboxes for cat loversboxes for dog loversboxes for foodiesboxes for fitness freaksand of course,Loot Crates. But dang it, theStranger Things Limited Edition crateis sold out.

Know a voracious reader? Give them an unlimited selection from a large but limited list of choices with Kindle Unlimited for a month in , or month durations. Its dead easy Amazon has a landing specifically for KU gifts, which is essentially the regular landing with This is a gift already checked.

Speaking of Amazon Prime, why not give it as a gift? For , you can give your recipient benefits that include free twoday, sameday or twohour delivery on applicable items, and in some areas and free music and video streaming. There are about benefits that come with a Prime membership.

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Keep in mind theyre only redeemable in the country where they were purchased.

While your giftee can use iTunes credits toward an Apple Music subscription, you can specifically buy three months or a year of the inidual plan insteadon the web.

If you want to give someone a generalpurpose Play Store credit for buying Google hardware, apps, movies or TV shows, though, you can do it via PayPal withPayPal Digital Gifts. That does require a PayPal account, though.

Also Music gifts can be swapped for store credit by deult, while ebook gifts can only be exchanged for credit if the user already has that title in his or her library. But that means you dont have to worry whether your recipient already owns the latest Stephen King book or Taylor Swift album.

If youve got a good printer, you can buy, download and print designs by artists from sites likeEtsy, including a nice card to slip your lastminute gift card into or a calendar for friends to help you remember to shop earlier next year.

In a baffling move by Google, the company recently removed the ability to simply send a Play Store credit as a gift from its apps and site; you can only electronically gift a Play Music subscription or books now. Here are theinstructions for doing itvia the Android apps or on your PC.

Godzilla Italiano Driving Nissans .million Italdesign GTR concept car

GiveAmazon ebooksClick Give as gift from the purchase options on the right for any currently shipping Kindle ebook in Amazons catalog. You apparently cant gift unreleased ebooks.

You can gift a cash amount as an iTunes credit that someone can use for anything  Apple with the App Store, iBooks Store or iTunes store apps on  your mobile device. Just scroll down to the bottom of the Featured and select Send Gift. On the desktop, you can do it via the Send an iTunes gift under Quick Links on the Featured of the iTunes or iBooks application. Or, if you dont have iTunes/iBooks installed or just dont want to use it, you can buy them onApples site.

Retailers likeAmazonand GameStop sell digital activation codes for practically any game your giftee might like.

PlayStation Classic will help you relive the s later this year

If youre lucky, theres still time to give your friends and mily some great gifts this holiday season. If you need more gift ideas,be sure to check out our entire Holiday Gift Guide.

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The best cial recognition cameras you can buy today

All you have to do is make sure you match the game to the game console that your recipient owns dont buy for PlayStation if they have a !, and youll receive a code that you can send to your giftee. They just punch it into their console and download the game no disc necessary.

Search the internet and youll find dozens and dozens of such boxes across all sorts of themes gadgets, coffee, wine, shaving razors, etc. andentire websitesdedicated to helping you find the right one.

Cant even get to the drug store? Send an electronic gift card, or even print one out at home if you want to be classy. Almost every one of the retailers who offer physical gift cards offers electronic ones as well.

Nearly all of the digital features will work across devices from multiple manucturers, including iPhones and iPads, Android devices, Roku boxes and of course Amazons own Kindle and Fire devices. The gift can be scheduled for a specific date, and if the recipient is already a Prime member, he or she will get an Amazon credit instead.

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