Lastminute Christmas gift ideas for procrastinators

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Good Housekeepings director Lori Bergamotto has great gift ideas that you can get from your couch.

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Becky Worley shares creative ideas for lastminute gifts and how to make sure your gift arrives on time.

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Lastminute Christmas gift ideas for procrastinators

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If you still have people on your Christmas list, relax, youve got time. Sure, sure, sure. We do have solutions thankfully. Thankfully because we have good housekeepings Lori bergamotto. She says there are still lots of great gifts out there, and apparently you dont even have to leave the couch or get dressed. Dont have to change out of your jammies. P procrastinators can rejoice. Boxed hotel, you can give a stay vacation. They sell goods and apply that more for your money mentality to hotels because we know those can be expensive. I can say, hey, at a off discount, Lara, lets have a girls weekend here in Brooklyn or something like that. You can gift that to somebody because who doesnt want that? Luxury, maybe adventure. Fun. Book it online and write it in a card or do a little Exactly. Email it to them. Go to . How about subscriptions? I love it. Architectural digest. Those are a fun gift. They keep on giving. We love a site called epic. This is particularly great for kids because it unleashes , unlimited books, audio books. They use this in a lot of schools as well so you can feel good about gifting that. You can go from six months to a year subscription. They get anmail and they can use it in five minutes. Its instant. Another thing is a cooking subscription site. We tested hello fresh at the good housekeeping institute. It was the highest rated overall because it was prep and easy to do and tasters of all ages loved it which is the most important test, right? I think thats great. People love this idea too. Youre sitting on Sorry. Last minute gift, the lotto ticket. I love the lotto ticket, yes. Theres a new way to do it now. In New York, Maryland, Virginia, you can subscribe to the lotto. So I could enter you, robin. Weve known each other about years. I could pick the number for mega millions or something. Do lucky numbers that mean something to the recipient and they get a whole year. Who knows Every lotto? Every mega millions or Powerball or whatever it is, you just have to check your state. If that isnt available in your state, theres always the trusty, stop at the gas station. You can still go in your jammies. I like filling a stocking is a great treat and you can get stuff at your local gas station. You can. There are some stores that are still open. I know its not all of them because today is Christmas day after all. We have waited until the th hour but like CVS, Starbucks, Walgreens, they have really good gifts and you dont have to leave your couch because there are apps like task rabbit which will allow you to purchase a I dont want to say purchase a person but you can purchase the service of somebody tasking for you. Theyll go to the store. You tell them what to get and they will deliver it Youre waiting until Christmas day. Last but not least, I think we have a bottle of wine over here. For . theyll deliver it to your door in under minutes right to your door. Do you guys hear the doorbell? I think someones here. If somebody wants to come in Whos been a good girl? Merry Christmas to you. You must be exhausted. Have a seat. Happy birthday. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Youve had a busy, busy night. Take a load off, Santa. Thank you for the treats. Everybody, for more lastminute gift ideas from Lori who I the best merry Christmas go to our website. Coming up, The chew gang is with us.

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Lastminute Christmas gift ideas for procrastinators

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