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Why do Corporate Gift Baskets make great gifs?

The exception being at Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving where themed gift baskets are more appropriate.

They could be given as a holiday gift for the office or department

If youd like to customize a corporate gift basket, this could likely be arranged upon request. They could be designed with a corporate theme based on items that are unique to your business or for a specific situation. Customized items include ribbons, hanging tags, plaques, customize messages such as slogans, mottos, personalized messages to acknowledge a sales team, or to acknowledge someone who is transferring to another department, getting a promotion or retiring.

When buying gifts for colleagues and clients, being discerning is incredibly important. Not only should you investigate gift giving policies that must be adhered to, conveying the right message is also incredibly important. Corporate gift baskets often create a lasting impression and can be designed to meet your unique gift giving needs.

What is the Shelf Life of Corporate Gift Baskets?

Since gift baskets make such a wonderful statement and leave such memorable and lasting impression, they make great gifts for a variety of occasions, including

They could be given to award a staff member for a job well done

They could be given as rewell / going away gifts

To thank a new client for engaging your company

Our corporate gift baskets are price based on the items contained in the in the gift basket as well as the of the gift basket. For example, you can purchase small, medium or large gift baskets, executive, gourmet or customize gift baskets. Generally speaking, the typical gift baskets range anywhere from. to .. However, some of the larger gift baskets may start at a higher scale for special occasions.

Purchasing your corporate and work gifts online allows for an added element of surprise. AA Gift Baskets can specially deliver your gift to your nominated recipient across the USA and Canada without you having to manually package and arrange for shipping. Additionally, our site is Secured by SSL Encryption.

They could be given to a team who has reached their departmental sales quota

gets a Wild About Books gift basket. The small surprise goes a long way

Are Customized Corporate Gift Baskets Available?

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What Occasions Should Corporate Gifts Baskets be Given in the Workplace?

Other things that may or may not work well with the corporate environment depending on various corporate policies consist of the following themes

Corporate gift baskets make great gifts for the workplace because most of them are very attractive with themes that are suile for the work environment. Corporate gift baskets also capture the attention onlookers as they tend to make a statement when presented in the office. They can be given as a gift for a variety of occasions and in a variety of different themes.

If youre planning to give someone a gift basket that contains items such as chocolates, fruits, cookies or other food items, consideration should be given to the shelf life of the items contained in the gift baskets. Some items have longer shelf lives than others although most of our baskets are nonperishable. Also keep in mind, if you do plan to purchase gift baskets containing potentially perishable items and you also think that it will be longer than a week before you distribute your gift basket, you may want to stick with items that have a much longer shelf life to avoid spoilage.

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When giving corporate gifts members, its always best to keep It as professional as possible. So when selecting a theme, you may consider corporate gifts that are not too personal and instead stick to gifts that are more general in nature, such as one of the following

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