FIFA 18 demo launch date leaked

With all the game launch on September 29, it felt weird to not understand FIFA 18 Demo launch date at Gamescom last week(go to to see fifa coins). We tried to ask gameplay producer Samuel Rivera within the interview under, but this is the only thing we got:

“Coming soon! I seriously don’t know the exact date sorry (laughs)”. “We’re in August twenty-something, so yeah, it’s a couple of weeks possibly, something like that.”

A safe bet would be September 10-15 then, and now it appears it’s going to really be on that Friday, because it turns out the Xbox Shop for Xbox One particular has been displaying the September 15 date publicly. You won’t obtain the demo as an item itself (nor outside the console), but it clearly shows as associated content should you navigate the several game editions and purchasable products.

That is definitely one day just after the launch of PES 2018, to heat up the yearly rivalry a bit additional(how to get you can come to fifa coins buy). It’s not identified yet regardless of whether PS4 customers will likely be in a position to download it a couple of days before, but given the marketing and advertising and promotion switch towards the PlayStation platform, it appears most likely.

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